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WESTMED Practice Partners provides the technology plus the experience and infrastructure to enable physicians’ practices and hospitals to maximize clinical quality and outcomes. As a national leader in the healthcare delivery model , WPP is positioned to provide superior medical management services.


Construction and Facility Design

Facilities Management and Construction
WESTMED Practice Partners’ Facilities and Construction Department is committed to maintaining, operating and building facilities in a manner that provides a safe, reliable and secure environment for our company and clients. These objectives are accomplished by implementing site-specific policies and procedures in line with local municipal codes and industry standards’ best practices. The construction division manages and supervises construction projects from the design phase through project completion.

The following are our core functions:
         •     Repairs and Maintenance Contract Management
         •     Outsourced Services Contract Management
         •     Personnel Management
         •     Mailroom Functions
         •     Equipment and Furniture Inventory Control
         •     Construction Management Functions, which include:
               --    Project filings with local buildings departments
               --    Bidding process
               --    Contract management
               --    Procurement of materials and finishes 
               --    Construction accounting 
               --    Closeout documents
               --    Certificates of Occupancy

















































































































































































































































































































































































Contact Center

Clinical Programs


Construction and Facility Design


Human Resources

Information Technology


Revenue Cycle Management

Risk Management

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