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WESTMED Practice Partners provides the technology plus the experience and infrastructure to enable physicians’ practices and hospitals to maximize clinical quality and outcomes. As a national leader in the healthcare delivery model , WPP is positioned to provide superior medical management services.



WESTMED Practice Partners’ Finance Department is committed to providing timely, accurate, cost- effective and audited information to our company and its clients. Our proven and established policies and procedures add value to the organization by providing clear and concise financial expertise.

The following are our core functions:


Provide for the timely and accurate recording of all financial transactions within the company. We ensure that all transactions adhere to the company’s policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles and all Federal and State authorities.

Accounts Payable:

Review invoices, processes payment requests, monitors company accounts to ensure timely and accurate payments, as well as resolves bill discrepancies. Our goal is provide attention to detail and accuracy. 


Attain the highest level of quality by encouraging best pricing without sacrificing quality, obtaining the maximum value for each dollar expended, utilizing open competition and impartial evaluation of alternative products.


Utilize an in-house payroll system that interfaces with the Human Resources Department and ERP system, ensuring timely and accurate recording of employees’ wages and hours. 

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Risk Management

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