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WESTMED Practice Partners provides the technology plus the experience and infrastructure to enable physicians’ practices and hospitals to maximize clinical quality and outcomes. As a national leader in the healthcare delivery model , WPP is positioned to provide superior medical management services.


Information Technology

WESTMED Practice Partners’ Information Technology services is committed to delivering “The future of healthcare today” by offering integrated information systems for healthcare organizations. Our emphasis is on increasing productivity, efficiency, and decreasing costs. We offer innovative technology across all value chains for healthcare organizations to meet government standards and advance the quality of care.

Our toolbox includes a complete, scalable platform for:

      • Electronic medical records
      • Revenue cycle management
      • Document management
      • Laboratory information systems
      • Picture achieving and communication systems
      • Business Intelligence
      • Customer Relationship Management

Contact Center

Clinical Programs


Construction and Facility Design


Human Resources

Information Technology


Revenue Cycle Management

Risk Management

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