WESTMED Practice Partners has established an acclaimed reputation for quality of healthcare and use of state-of-the-art healthcare information technology. The coordinated, efficient and quality care delivered by its flagship medical practice, WESTMED Medical Group, was the platform for the launch of the WPP management services company. On this page you'll find links to articles and video segments citing comments from our company's leaders in medical publications and the media.


Press Releases

Mount Sinai Opens Multi-Specialty Medical Practice in Five Towns
Comprehensive One-Stop Outpatient Care Now Available at Mount Sinai Doctors Brooklyn Heights
WESTMED Practice Partners Appoints Anthony Viceroy as CFO
The Mount Sinai Medical Center Partners with WESTMED Practice Partners to Bring a Full Range of Outpatient Medical Services to Downtown Brooklyn


Mount Sinai Opens Outpost in Brooklyn Heights 

New Brooklyn Medical Center Opens

The Atlantic, April 25, 2013, "A Prescription  for Information Overload," a blog by Dr. Simeon Schwartz, chairman and CEO of WESTMED Practice Partners and president and CEO of WESTMED Medical Group, go to http://bit.ly/ZAGZpY

Dr. Simeon Schwartz, CEO of WESTMED Practice Partners and President of WESTMED Medical Group, was quoted in the October 15, 2012 issue of Crain’s New York Business about his vision for the changes in healthcare. He said, "Community hospitals will not be as relevant to health care in the future. Ambulatory-care facilities can be built at a fraction of the cost of saving an ailing hospital." To read the full article, go to http://bit.ly/R1cbsL

Westchester Business Journal, May 25, “Spreading a Healthcare Model: Partnership of Mount Sinai Medical Center- WESTMED Practice Partners Announced.”

Crain’s Health Pulse, May 23, 2012, “Mount Sinai’s Brooklyn Outpatient Outpost: Developed with WESTMED Practice Partners.”

914INC. magazine, Second Quarter 2012: “Healthcare Roundtable: Westchester County Experts Discuss the Financial State of the Healthcare Industry: With nearly a fifth of Westchester's labor force working in healthcare, local experts discuss the industry's financial prognosis” (featuring Dr. Simeon Schwartz, President and CEO, WESTMED Medical Group, and Chief Executive Officer, WESTMED Practice Partners).

AMGA Conference Presentation, San Diego, March 9, 2012, Dr. Simeon Schwartz, President, WESTMED Medical Group: “HITECH Readiness for Accountable Care Delivery Systems.”

914INC Magazine, January 30, 2012, “Worst Human Resources Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”, quoting Joseph DiCarlo, WESTMED’s director of human resources.

Westchester Magazine, April 15, 2011: “Five Businesses Honored at 2011 Business Council of Westchester Hall of Fame Dinner” (including WESTMED Medical Group as recipient of the “Entrepreneurial Success Award”.)

Health Leaders Media, January 13, 2011, “Will Patients Choose You for Their Medical Home?”

USA Today, October 27, 2010, “Doctors Eye Better Ways to Share E-Health Records.” (An Associated Press article)

Physicians Practice, August 2010, “Tech Survey: Physicians Speak Out on Voice Recognition”





















Westchester County Business Journal, February 8, 2010, “Making a Medical Home”

Physicians Practice, January 2010, “Can Technology Make P4P Easier?”  












The Journal News, January 5, 2009, “Data Driven Health Care Becoming All the Rage”  

The Journal News, October 8, 2007, “Eyeing Westchester, London Rolls out ‘Polyclinics’”  

Westchester County Business Journal, September 10, 2007 “Boldly into the Health-Care Thicket.”

Westchester County Business Journal, July 16, 2007, “Medical Charts Go the Way of Spats and Buggy Whips.”

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