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About Us

In partnership with our clients, the mission of WESTMED Practice Partners is to improve the health of the communities we serve.  


The future of healthcare today. 

Success Factors

In partnership with our clients our integrated multispecialty practice will be:         

      • Prudent manager of business for our clients
      • Partner of choice for patients
      • Partner of choice for doctors 
      • Employer of choice
Innovative, Progressive and Cutting Edge

WESTMED Practice Partners was formed to leverage the success of its comprehensive administrative and technological capabilities to build free-standing comprehensive ambulatory care medical offices and provide the operational and financial services to support them.  In fact, WESTMED is a national leader in that healthcare delivery model. We have integrated electronic medical records with our practice management system, which allows for a single, comprehensive suite of products.  A fully functional business intelligence and customer relationship management toolbox completes the patient management experience. 

WPP is aligned with national vendors in cooperative partnership development of new informational technologies that are innovative, progressive and on the leading edge of healthcare delivery.   Fifteen years of strategic planning have positioned WPP to be the future of healthcare today by delivering a complete, scalable platform of informatics and analytics that maximizes clinical quality and outcomes.

Strong deliverables of WPP are the technology plus the experience and infrastructure to run an efficient operation. We provide in-house billing, collections, eligibility, pre-certification, human resources, time/attendance, payroll, purchasing, finance, contract negotiations, risk management, recruiting, analytics, information technology, medical management, medical records, contact center, marketing and credentialing.  The result is an administrative overhead in the 30th percentile as compared nationally to that of other large multi-specialty medical groups.

Another unique aspect of WPP is the leadership team’s experience in healthcare design and construction.  WPP has experience in designing and building clinical space at the rate of over 100,000 square feet per year- -on budget and on time.


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