A New Delivery Model to Provide the Finest Healthcare

WESTMED Practice Partners (WPP) is a healthcare management services company that has evolved from the success of WESTMED Medical Group.  In the late 1990s, WESTMED rolled out the healthcare delivery model of the integrated multispecialty practice, a community-based facility providing coordinated, efficient and quality care. 

During the decade of implementation of this model, WESTMED has received national recognition for its coordinated clinical services and highly integrated information systems that have improved patient care, increased physicians' professional satisfaction and boosted physicians' and staff income.  Remarkable growth and patient satisfaction with our integrated multispecialty practice have positioned us as the future of healthcare today.

WESTMED Practice Partners provides a turnkey solution to hospital systems looking to build a free-standing, comprehensive ambulatory center offering a full range of primary, specialty and ancillary services.

"Hospital systems anticipating the changes in healthcare are looking for low-risk solutions for primary care and outpatient facility expansion without being distracted from their core activities. "
Simeon Schwartz, MD, CEO, WESTMED Practice Partners 


WESTMED Practice Partners -- A Turnkey Solution

Benefits of an integrated multispecialty practice

  • One stop shopping
  • Coordinated, efficient, quality care
  • Virtual and physical integration
  • Happy patients, doctors and staff
  • Improved practice branding
  • ACO ready

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